First - Be Aware of Scams

Some scams attempt identity theft. For example, there was an incident where employers require their potential employees to verify their identity through IDnow. They explain it either as security measures or as specifics of a particular job (e.g. online verification of transactions).


Other scams include Ponzi schemes whereby websites ask you to deposit money and give you a high interest rate in return. Usually such websites pay off old users from money given by new users. They also have a referral program to get your friends to join too. In a matter of a few months, such scams close and people’s money is lost. So as a rule of thumb, if it’s too good to be true, then it most likely isn’t true. 

Some general warnings include the following:

  • Do not trust unsolicited messages from people you do not know telling you to check out some shady website (check the URL and the website on a search engine and look for reviews first).
  • Do not trust random strangers on social media (Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter…) telling you that you won a prize and to send them your personal information.
  • Do not trust anyone who promises guaranteed profits and high interest rates if you deposit your money.
  • Do not trust website with unpronounceable domain names
  • Do not trust anyone claiming to give away free Bitcoin. (YouTube, Twitter, Discord…)
  • Do not trust anyone claiming they will double however much Bitcoin you send them.
  • Do not trust ‘pretty girls’ on Tinder telling you about new investment opportunities.

You have to learn to think for yourself. Recognize that there are many scammers out there who will do a lot to steal money from you or steal your personal information. Trust your gut and stay safe. If you send your Bitcoin to a scammer, it’s gone forever. There are no refunds!

Be paid in Bitcoin

You cannot buy bitcoin due to whatever reason? Here are some ways you can work in return for bitcoin:
  • Check online platforms that offer jobs for bitcoin, such as where people post job offers and pay you in bitcoin. Others include,,,, and
  • Online games: you can offer people services in online games, such as account upgrading or trading items in return for bitcoin. Games like Runescape, League of Legends, CS:GO, and World of Warcraft are just a few to name. 
  •  Crypto Blogging: More and more companies are looking for passionate people to write articles about bitcoin. You can search through the job section of the crypto publication,or simply send them an unsolicited email stating that you are interested in writing articles about crypto. Another option would be to create your own writer profile on one of the sites listed above, like, to promote yourself and make it easier for employers to find you. Make sure you already have some articles written before to show the employers examples.

Earn Bitcoin by doing Tasks

  • In this site, you get to help people for a small amount of bitcoin. The concept includes helping tippers (people who need your help) find something online or remembering something for example.
  • TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn money for performing tasks online like taking surveys, posting on social media and watching videos.