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Choueh - Law Firm Experienced Lebanese Law Firm with a demonstrated history of working in legal service & consultancy, skilled in international & local negotiation & Arbitration,expert in Litigation, Real Estate, Criminal,Trade & Blockchain Law, Canon Law, & FIDIC Contract.

Game Factory - Gaming Lounge is an environment where avid Lebanese Gamers will be able to fulfill their full potential. It's the place where an exclusive community of winners can enjoy high-tech gaming with state of the art equipment.

Rkein Motors - Car Dealership Our mission is to provide you with the cleanest cars for optimal prices. All our cars are shipped from the United States, and all fall under clean titles (no salvage). With Rkein Motors your options are open. We provide extra services including trading cars, buying and selling cars, taking personal requests, and most significantly providing car loans and warranty.

MK Cell - Mobile store Mobile store located in Saida South of Lebanon providing a range of services. In addition, MK Cell provides Buy/Sell services for Bitcoin

Choga - Chocolatier Online only Chocolatier Range of fresh chocolate in milk duo dark chocolate available in normal and sugar-free chocolate and you can buy using Bitcoin! Pure deliciousness !!

Parking Lot - in Hamra Parking Park and pay with Bitcoin, monthly subscription available.

Build Up- Construction Tripoli-based Lebanese construction company. We aim at delivering the best housing solutions combining luxury, functionality, and cost-efficiency.

Logic empower - A Lebanese Digital Agency established in 2018 by a group of Digital Experts. It offers a range of services designed for business productivity with expert guidance like Hosting Services, Software and Web Development, Social Media Management, Data Management, Consultancy

Al-aman gold store - Al-aman work to make our institution's client the strongest and most knowledgeable in the gold trading field.

Iswitch is a new concept mobile store. -Taking care of your phone as if it’s ours! -Satisfying our clients is our pleasure -Serving you highly-qualified technical experiences provided by our skilled workers and technicians. -We render friendly & high quality services to you at the fairest prices.

Server Lebanon is a cloud service provider founded in Beirut - Lebanon in 2008. We provide shared hosting, reseller packages and VPS services (Linux and Windows). Our servers are located inside and outside of Lebanon, depending on customer needs.

Herbalist is an Organic and local Super-food industry that is striving for maximum human optimization and a healthier society. Our hemp products are 100% Legal, THC FREE, GMO-free, Organic, Vegan.

The Original CBD MD. Description: The Original CBD MD, Is a full spectrum CBD that has been added to pure Hempseed oil to maintain its full medical components. Full spectrum CBD contains more than 40 plus Cannabinoids (CBN,CBG,CBC...). Contains Less than 0.03% THC

We are a mini-market since 1983 that was started by my late father, who passed away in 2017. I took over and tried to modernize the shop and expand it whilst keeping its identity and concept. We will soon be open for online delivery. We are a family business that enjoys this job, and it makes us do our hobbies happily.

Marketing Agency, we help individuals and SMEs build & improve their online presence to grow & scale fast, without all the headache & unnecessary spendings. We offer all types of digital solutions (branding, graphic design, video editing, copywriting, digital marketing, web design/development)

Receive Funds Quicker

When accepting payments made via debit or credit cards, it can take a couple of days before receiving funds for goods or services sold. This issue comes about as a result of third parties that are involved in payment processing that is traditional; each payment has to be verified by the issuer of the buyer’s card and the vendor’s bank. Since bitcoin transactions are verified by a network of miners, they are very fast as compared to bank transactions. Hence, you can receive payments in minutes

Secure Network

The basic fundamentals of Bitcoin’s principal monetary policy are unprecedented, and by now, it is impossible to replicate its level of decentralization or network security, which is powered by a computer network as powerful as almost 12 trillion Intel Core i7 processors.

Censorship Resistant

Bitcoin can not be stopped or censored. There is no authority over your bitcoins other than yourself giving you sovereignty over your own wealth. No one controls it but you


It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.