withdrawals from exchange

This Section will allow you to withdraw cheaper from any exchange such as Binance. Instead of paying 0.0005 BT ($20) at the time of this post, you will bear much lower fees. However, please keep in mind that this guide is meant for sub $500 worth of withdrawal; otherwise, you will pay much higher fees than on Binance; for example, Follow these steps:

Step 1 :

Convert all your Bitcoin to BUSD (Binance USD on exchange), this is why it’s a dirty way .. got to deal with shitcoins for a second

Step 2 :

Go back to Bitcoin Du Liban – and Click on the Quick Exchange button BELOW on this website

Step 3:

Click on a variable rate.

Step 4:

Paste your BTC address

Step 5:

An BUSD address will show, copy, and paste in the WITHDRAWAL section of Exchange (Binance).

Step 6:

Enjoy your Bitcoin Quick and relatively cheaper withdrawal!

Liability Disclaimer. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Bitcoin du Liban be deemed to assume any responsibility for or obligation or duty with respect to any part or all of the Quick Exchange feature, of any nature or kind whatsoever, or any matter or proceedings arising out of or relating thereto.

By using this feature, you accept all the terms and conditions,  we are not responsible for any problems that might or might not occur, you will need to contact SideShift for support directly.